Below are excerpts from some of the emails we’ve received from the many wonderful people who have adopted new family members from us!  
(Out of respect for their privacy, we have replaced names with initials and removed contact and other identifiable information.) 

Dear Tara and Brian, 
Poe will be 5 months tomorrow and we could not be happier to have him in our lives.  He is the sweetest, most gentle, comical, spirited yet calm puppy we have ever enjoyed.
He “learned” to swim in the pool this past weekend - so he knows where the exit is.  He absolutely enjoys his outside time, but is wonderfully comfortable being inside with us.  He loves  the pond (as you can see in pics).
He goes out to restaurants and brew pubs - and is a little star.  He enjoys puppy camp once a week and sees his brother, Jax every other week.  I have a trainer that adores him and comes every two weeks.  His groomer told me that he stands for her as if she has been grooming him for years.  
Am I thrilled with him? - more than you can know - he has definitely stolen our hearts!
Thanks so much for the thought and care you put in your breeding program, it really shows. 
Warm Regards, 
Brian and Tara,
Hope you all are doing well!  I meant to send these pictures of Abby to you awhile back.  She was 8 months old in these pictures and I took her on a family trip to Silverton, Colorado to do some hiking.  She hiked to the highest peak @ 14,000’ elevation just outside of the town.  This just shows what great dogs you guys are breeding.  They’re not only intelligent but they can also hike for miles up mountains and hang right by your side.  I was having trouble keeping up with her at times.
Hope you guys enjoy these pictures!  Abby is still doing really well and we’re still living near downtown Houston.  She’s loving the city life.  
Hope you’re enjoying your summer.  
Take care!
Tara & Brian,
We wanted to thank you for our new family member, Cooper. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog for our family. He plays well with other dogs and children, is energetic enough to play fetch and will curl up with us on the couch and take a nap when it is movie time.
It was a pleasure working with you guys through the process. From the initial meeting to the weekly picture updates to picking out and taking home our puppy. We've recommended you guys too many and will continue to do so in the future.
Thank you,
“L and A”
Tara and Brian,
We hope you're doing well. We just wanted to send some pictures of Kenai your way… She has been great at sleeping through the night and is learning to potty outside (definitely thanks to y'all!). We took her to the vet last Friday and as expected she is a healthy little girl! She will go back in a few weeks for some more shots. She is getting a lot bigger on just a week and she is eating really well now. I have probably given y'all too much info, but just wanted to know she's doing great! We will try to send y'all updates! If you ever want a puppy play date just let us know. 
Have a great weekend!
“W and M”
Hi Brian and Tara,
Just  wanted to let you know that we made it home to West Virginia.  Molly did great flying home.  She slept the entire flight!  We also ran into a few people that wanted a puppy just like her in the airport, so I showed them your webpage.  She is such a wonderful little puppy. She and Abby had a wonderful time playing together at “E’s” house.  I 'm sure they are going to miss each other.   
I took her to the vet yesterday for her new puppy check.  They said she was a very healthy puppy and everything looked great!  
Thanks again for working it out so we could fly in and pick her up.  You made everything so easy for us!
Take care,
“S and A”

Hi Tara and Brian!!
Just wanted to send an updated photo of Penny….She is really becoming a beautiful dog. She was so worth the wait!
Hope all is well with you both.
Kind Regards,
Tara & Brian,
We can not tell you how much we are enjoying little Lola! She is the sweetest, most amazing dog we could have ever wished for and we are completely in LOVE! The first night was probably the hardest as she cried  but she has quickly acclimated  and last night she didn't cry once. Today marks the first day she has not had any "accidents" in the house! We are such proud parents!
She likes to play but  seems to really enjoy her naps. We are so happy how everything worked out and we were blessed with our little sweetie Lola.
Will keep in touch with more pics to follow! We may want to even add a sibling to our family!
Much Thanks,
“J and S”

Brian and Tara, Hi! I just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on things. Tan has been named Davy, short for Davy Crockett, and he is completely awesome! We all adore him, and he is adjusting well. He loves walking on the leash, and has done spectacular with the crate at night, and is going potty just where he is supposed to go. His energy is perfect for our family, and he has a little routine with it that we have been able to figure out and have playtime accordingly. “S”, our 8 year old, is just fantastic with him... it melts our hearts! “SJ”, the 4 year old, is content with Davy "on her lap". He is so patient with her and I imagine some day he just might be dressed up as Anna or Olaf when I turn around! The neighbors stopped by yesterday while we were outside, and he just sat at my feet and layed down. Any "worry" I had about his energy level has left, as he is quickly learning his "place in the pack". “S” is excited because he has "a good nose" and is alert, etc.. Thank you both, and Karli, for giving him such a great start! We have truly been blessed with this addition to our family… Blessings to all and thanks again,

Tara and Brian, 
Sorry its taken so long to get back to you guys. It has been 2 roller coaster weeks with our Sadie.  She has slept thru the night since her first night. Only one accident in her crate bc I overslept!! She never cries.
You'd think we had never seen a puppy before. We just sit and watch her ALL the time…We are convinced we picked the perfect pup!...
Thank you for raising our perfect puppy for her first 8 weeks…
“J” and family.
Hi Tara!,
Hope all is well. Everything is great on our side. Riley is an angel and we couldn't be happier...
Hi Tara ! 
Just wanted to send you these pics of Jax. It was his first big outing to Austin after all his shots were completed. We are having the most wonderful time with him. He is a great little traveler. He's so adorable, friendly and so smart! He obviously won my sister over immediately since I know she's on the list for Tabby's next litter:)
Hi Tara,
I hope you are doing well.  We are truly enjoying our puppy, Honey!  She is growing a lot now, and seems to get bigger each day.  She is so playful and has the best personality!
Hello Tara and Brian,
We decided to name puppy red Charlie. He is so sweet and we are so happy with him! …
Hi, Tara,
Praying you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I can only imagine how big your little guy has gotten!
Thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of Snickers at 6 months. Of course, I have decorated him for Christmas, which makes him even cuter! He is such a smart dog and full of energy...He has been really good and never destroyed any furniture or anything else of value. We couldn't be happier with him and the kids are madly in love.
Hoping all is well on your end!
Brian and Tara,
Wanted to let you know the transition for "Bella" has been very smooth. She is sitting in my lap as I type this. We let her sleep in our bed last night and she only woke one time to use the restroom. She has been given so much love and seems to be settling into our family and her new home. We feel very blessed to have her in our lives. I have attached a couple of videos and pictures. 
Thank you again,
“N, S, A, and B” 
Hi Tara,
… We absolutely LOVE Rosy!!! I attached a picture just to show you how precious she is.
Hope all is well! 
I thought your husband might enjoy this picture of Riley, our new Aggie fan.  We love him so much, he is amazing.  We definitely want to get a little girl in the near future.  We would love to have a chocolate colored one if you can make that color! 
“K and E”
Hey guys! Hope y'all are well! We are just loving every minute of having a puppy! Millie is getting so big and so cute!...Thanks!!
We decided to name her Lucy.  :)  
Let me know if there’s anything else you need!  
We. are. in. LOVE!!  :) 
Hi Tara & Brian, 
Captain's transition to his new home has been great. He is such a sweet and smart boy. He did cried the first night for about 2 minutes or less then fell asleep the whole entire night. He has been sleeping through the nights with no fuss no whining.
We get up each morning around 6:45-7:00am for potty training and morning exercise followed by morning breakfast. 
Today, he had his first visit with our Vet. She said "everything looks great"
We'll be back in about 3-4weeks for his next round of shots.
Thank you guys so much!
Have a lovely weekend 
Tara,  Just a note to tell you how much we are enjoying Charlie.  He is such a blessing to our family.  We are looking forward to him growing up a little bit more so we can get the second puppy.  FYI, we are thinking about possibly getting the second puppy sometime in October or November.  Hopefully there will be a litter of puppies around that timeframe… Thanks. 
Brian and Tara-
…We also just wanted to say what a joy Shiloh is. He is such an incredibly sweet boy and is a wonderful addition to our family. Dog brother Shiner isn't too thrilled still but Shiloh is not giving up. Human brother “F” is a huge fan and the two "kids" get along very well. We have a hard time remembering life before Shiloh.
We hope all is well with your family!
The “S” Family
We love our puppy, Stan Lee, that we received from Houston Labradoodles. He has the sweetest temperament and is friendly with everyone he meets. He has a perfect, soft, curly apricot coat that doesn't shed. Stan Lee is everything we wanted in our Australian Labradoodle. Thanks!... We do love him to pieces and everyone who meets him wants him. 
Hi Tara
We are absolutely delighted with Brodie. He loves his crate and sleeps right through the night without a noise! …Everyone loves him.
We'd really like to thank you for raising such a balanced pup!

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